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Paper-Poly Bag

Paper-poly Kraft, also known as paper laminated , are combination bags constructed with a paper shell laminated to a woven polypropylene inner-lining. The lining safeguards the contents from moisture, making it an ideal bag for holding grains, seeds, pet foods, flour, rice, sugar, fertilizers, frozen products, some chemicals and various building materials. Though the bags have a similar appearance and texture to standard multiwall paper bags, they offer extra strength, durability, protection from punctures or tears and higher moisture resistance.

The exterior paper comes in natural Kraft or bleached white. The inner layer of woven polypropylene is laminated to the paper by using a PE coating, making them one of the most durable bags on the market.

Advantages of Paper-Poly Bags
●Higher strength and durability
●High puncture/tear resistance
●Higher moisture resistance
●Better printing quality on paper vs woven fabrics
●Graphics can be printed in numerous colors
●Available in pillow style, flat bottom or block bottom
●Ideal for automated bagging systems

Additional Options
●Produced with Kraft brown or bleached white paper shell
●Flat tube/pillow, back seam or gusseted
●Open mouth or valve