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PE Heavy Duty Bag (FFS Bag)

PE Heavy Duty Bag (or FFS  ) is a fully PE. automatic low cost packing concept for dry solids, pellets, flakes, powders, crystals, fibrous materials and slurries or pastes. The bag is formed on the bagging machine from a roll of film, immediately Filled then Sealed across the top. The tubular film can be with 6 color print, with side folds and embossed, to prevent filled bags from slipping during storage and transport. It is in huge demand because its less expensive & stronger, ease and reliability of automating the bagging operation, reduces the number of operators on the bagging line and improves productivity owing to a dramatic increase of packing rate.


‑Treated with micro-perforation – permeable, dustproof, and waterproof

Six-Color Printing
UV Additives
Flat-Open Design / Valve Port Design
Roll / Sheet

Advantages of PE Heavy Duty Bags

●Higher strength and durability

●High puncture/tear resistance 

●Higher moisture resistance

●All bags can feature anti-skid, Easy Open and Micro Perforations

●Bags are available in gusseted, flat tube/pillow, back seam and valve styles

●Better printing quality on PE film vs woven fabrics

●Graphics can be printed in 6 colors

●Available in pillow style, flat bottom or block bottom

●Ideal for automated bagging systems