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公司简介About Us

FLECON is a Chinese professional FIBC, Bulk Bag, Big Bag, Jumbo Bag or Super Sack manufacturer, with over 15 years of experience on making FIBC or Bulk Bag (Type A , Type B, Type C and Type D FIBC).


More than 15 years of integrated production experience and a dedicated team of specialists which focuses on each customer enables FLECON to be a leading service provider as well as a high quality producer.


We supply bulk bags , FIBCs to chemical, plastic ,agricultural, food and pharmaceutical industry etc. FLECON produces to the highest manufacturing standards with ISO 9001: 2008 accreditation.



Our clients are our number one priority, not just making FIBC bags.


We are in business because we provide superior FIBC bags at good quality, with fast delivery, fulfill our clients’ needs for flexible intermediate bulk packaging goods.


We would be happy to refer you to some of our TOP 500 blue chip clients who rely on Flecon Bag to deliver FIBC bags consistently, reliably, with quality and integrity.


At FLECON, we are committed to supply good quality consistent products. We believe it is a critical aspect in our efforts to better serve our clients and enhance our competitiveness.


Our goal is to exceed your expectations...



FIBCs have the lowest package to product weight ratio of any intermediate industrial container.


Ship one metric ton of product with a package weight as little as 2-3 Kg.


Can be handled, transported and stored without pallets due to integrated lifting loops.


Can be tailor-made to meet your needs (Size & Capacity, Filling & Discharging Features, Barrier Properties, Handling Features, etc.)


Can be used for a wide range of solid products (Chemical, Mineral, Food, Agricultural, etc.)


Can be fold flat to take up a fraction of the space required for other industrial packages.

Recyclable & Eco-friendly.